Message From CEO

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the members of Ultra Tec Family and clients who have shown full confidence in our Products & services. Indeed, we are fully aware that it is the clients who empower and inspire us in every step of our operation.

Thanks & Rich Regards

S.Habib Ul Hassan
Ultra Tec Water Treatment LLC Dubai.

Ultra Tec Water Treatment LLC

Ultra Tec is a Water Treatment company in UAE, consists of professional water treatment experts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We are providing Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants, Sea Water filtration R.O plants, all kind Of Water Purifiers, Water Softener UAE, Carbon Filter, Sand Filter, Ultra Violet, Alkaline water Dubai, Water Ionizers, Anti Hair Fall Shower Filter Dubai, Ultra Filtration, multimedia Filters, shower filter UAE, Drinking water purifier and irrigation water filtration systems.

For us, bringing Water purification products to you is more than just a business, it is a passion. Our wide range of technologies and extended knowledge in all water related sectors domestic, commercial and industrial will guarantee you a cost efficient water treatment solution, that will meet your water quality's requirement.

Ultra Tec products are unique and exclusive and cannot be compared to any other similar product in the market. Due to ultimate technology, performance and reliability combined with unique taste for design, they can be considered as one of the top organization in UAE. The ULTRA TEC systems are dedicated to only high exigent and Quality conscious customers who are looking for the best quality.

Quality Assurance

Being an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified company we are committed to total quality assurance in each and every aspect of our business activities. We don't compromise on the quality standards at any stage at any cost.
The aim of Ultra Tec Water Treatment Companies in UAE to be known as a symbol of quality in the industry and amongst the competitors. We are on the track of success by achieving our quality standard goals.
We ensure to solve our customer complaint promptly and attain best quality standards.

Our Mission

UltraTec is committed to driving a significant positive health impact globally by improving access to safe drinking water and reducing surface contaminations by developing, manufacturing and marketing cost effective disinfection solutions. This will be done while generating a fair return for our concerns and an excellent working environment for our staff.

Commitment to improving health
Human and animal health can be compromised when harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites contaminate drinking water either at source, through seepage of contaminated run-off water, or within a piped distribution system. Moreover, unhygienic handling of water during transport or within the home can contaminate previously safe water.

Over 4 billion cases of illness occur annually and at any one time over 50% of the hospital beds in the world are occupied by people suffering from water borne diseases. Lack of access to safe drinking water, together with inadequate sanitation and hygiene is the overwhelming contributor leading to 1.8 million annual deaths caused by diarrheal disease.As 90% of diarrheal deaths are borne by children under five, mostly in developing countries, 5,000 children die every day as a result.

UltraTec is committed to reducing the suffering associated with water borne disease by offering innovative and cost effective products at point of use. In particular, UltraTec has been championing the case for water treatment at the household level to promote household water treatment and safe storage.

Ultra Tec's Vision
Making the world a healthy & happy family and to be the leader in producing innovative healthcare products that purify the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breath.

Ultra Tec's Mission
To become a high-performance organization by achieving its target of becoming market leader in this trade by delivering exceptional values through superior execution of innovative marketing and providing excellent service support to the clients.

At UltraTec we Value People
We believe in providing all of our employees the opportunity to grow and to achieve their goals. We also believe that it is important for our employees to appropriately balance their work and personal commitments.

We work to build relationships based on trust. We excel in an environment of openness and trust. We are open in sharing our ideas and encouraging the ideas of others. We build trust amongst ourselves by interacting with one another openly and directly that provides faith and belief in each other.

We believe in always giving customers what they expect. Whenever possible, we try to deliver service that they only dream about.

We are team players and team builders. We believe that through the power of teamwork we can achieve exceptional results. We encourage and expect all employees to participate in teams as a fundamental condition of how we get our work done.

Corporate Responsibility

At UltraTec, our purpose is to be trusted as leading experts in water. We endeavor always to deliver solutions that are right for our customers and the environment. We strive to build long-term relationships by understanding and acting on our customers needs, delivering value and behaving with integrity in everything we do.
Every employee of UltraTec works continuously to build corporate responsibility into our day-to-day business.

Our diversity and geographic reach means our corporate responsibility agenda is very broad. We embrace this responsibility through a number of initiatives that support our corporate responsibility agenda.
Our objectives are focused on performance improvements in four key areas:


Employee volunteerism, community investment and charitable contributions.


Water quality, water and wastewater management efficiencies, pollution prevention, climate change awareness and natural resources management.


Working with suppliers and customers, ensuring appropriate standards for health and safety, environment, ethics and human rights.


As a responsible employer ensuring health and safety, ethics, diversity of the workforce and employee engagement.

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