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What is water Ionizer and How it process to produce ionized Alkaline water?

A part of the water treatment process is heating the water and adding chemicals , which remove naturally occurring alkaline minerals. The treatment process can be overcome by ionizing the water to restore healthy alkaline levels back into the water.

water Ionizer Process

A part of the water treatment process is heating the water and adding chemicals, which remove naturally occurring alkaline minerals. This treatment process can be overcome by ionizing the water to restore healthy alkaline levels back into the water.

The tap water contains a variety of conductive minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium or potassium in different concentrations. They may vary depending on the source. Conductive minerals, also known as electrolytes make it possible to process tap water through a computer controlled electrolysis process within the water ionizer machine.

It is important to consider that before water ionization occurs chlorine and other contaminants must be removed from tap water.

 Water Filtration with UltraTec Water Filters:  ALKALINE IONIZER WATER MACHINE

The 1st step is crucial to produce the healthy clean alkaline, ionized, antioxidant water, where most competitor water ionizer internal filters fails.

When you buy our water ionizer machine, you are conscious of your investment in an alkaline ionized water system or alkaline water dubai, that is designed to make  water the healthiest beverage you can consume. You don’t want your ionized water to contain toxins and contaminants, right?  Especially when the electrolysis process makes it more likely that these toxins will get into your body and your cells. Our Patented UltraTec Water ionizer filters are up to the job of removing 99.99% of the  potential chemicals and heavy metals that could be in the tap water.

Water Ionization:

Water ionization within the water ionizer, the clean water intact with all beneficial electrolytic minerals is processed by controlled electrolysis. The minerals found in tap water are concentrated into both an alkaline and acidic water streams.

In addition, several characteristics of the tap water will be completely enhanced for better health through the water ionization:

Balance The Body’s pH for Optimal Health:

Transformed to a higher pH: Tap water is typically neutral to slightly alkaline on the pH scale. If it is acidic, the water authorities addition  to tip the scale more towards the alkaline side, else it can leach heavy metals from the pipes that transport it to your homes.

Water ionizer creates 2 streams of water by splitting the water molecule into H+ and OH–, coupled with a separation of the acidic minerals from alkaline minerals. The resulting alkaline water UAE contains free hydroxyl ions (OH–) and alkaline mineral hydroxides (CaOH–, MgOH–, KOH– etc... ) that is known to be highly bioavailable to the body.

pH of the transformed drinking water can range from 8.0 to greater than 11.0, depending on the water conductivity. And the opposite, acidic water, can be used in many ways for cleaning and ranges from 6.0 to 3.0 pH.

Anti-oxidant Power:

Increased antioxidant power measured in Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP):  is a measurement of the antioxidant power of a liquid and is expressed in millivolts (mV). When it is positive (+) it is oxidizing, or rusting (decaying, aging). When it is negative (–) it is a reducing agent, or antioxidant. Water ionizer produces both kinds of water: The acidic water is oxidizing, the alkaline ionized water is reducing or antioxidant. Alkaline water (-ORP) is an electron DONOR, acidic water (+ORP) is an electron thief.

Tap water is an oxidizing agent with an ORP of +200 or higher, depending on chlorine level and other factors. Most bottled water has a + ORP.  Alkaline ionized drinking water has a NEGATIVE ORP (anti-oxidant) of between –200 mV to –800 mV, depending on water characteristics. The opposite acidic water has a POSITIVE ORP of up to +800 to +1100 depending on a variety of conditions.

Micro clustered to hydrate body cells:

Molecular Cluster Size: Water that has been electrically transformed to ionized water has a lower surface tension and measurably reduced Hz frequency (as measured by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, or NMR) science jargon that means that the size of the water clusters is smaller than found in tap water.

This can be demonstrated by the ‘wetting’ action of ionized water using a simple tea bag; tea diffuses throughout the water even when cold because of the change in the molecular cluster size and the surface tension of ionized water.


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