UltraTec Water Filters UAE

Water Chillers for Swimming Pools

Water Chillers for Swimming Pools

Our Swimming Pool water chillers is affordable, easy to install, and inexpensive to operate.We have models to accommodate any size residential pool.


Electrical Supply

440V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph


R-22 / 5.8 kg


Aluminum Finned Tube Draft Forced Type

Heat Exchanger


Compressor Power Rating

6.8 kW/Hr - 11.4 amps

Water Pump Power Rating

1 HP

Cooling Capacity

17.5 kW / Hr / 60,000 BTU / Hr

Heating Capacity

1 HP

Water Pump Power Rating

24.5 kW / Hr / 84,000 BTU / Hr

Temperature Control

10 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius


560 mm x 590 mm x 1020 mm


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