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Alkaline water soothing acid reflux, and it helps neutralize acid in the bloodstream, which leads to increased oxygen levels and improved energy and metabolism. Anti aging and Anti diseases.

Japan filter CE Alkaline water ionizer


Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine


Ultra Tec Water Treatment LLC is supplier of water ionizes and water ionizer systems. Our products are applicable to counter top life water ionizer machines, under-sink type, commercial type and premium acidic water ionizers.

Water that has traveled through an ionizer machine is understood as ionized water. a typical alkaline water machine contains metal plates, usually titanium and platinum. These use the method of electrolysis to divide up the key ions within the water, leading to a water with a more alkaline pH level.

So why do people prefer alkaline water? Actually, it’s quite just a case of private preference. Alkaline water is assumed to scale back impact of oxidation on the body.Water Ionizers or Alkaline Water Machines are getting more and more popular amongst the more health aware of us. i do know what you're thinking, you've heard all this before. many trends have come and go along the years and tons of them just about amount to zilch quite snake oil.

With our modern on the go lifestyle, stress and diet are two of the most important causes of health issues. Both stress and a high acidic content diet are major factors in causing an acidic pH imbalance in our bodies. A PH imbalance are often a trigger for varied health concerns. However, if we use a Water Ionizer to make alkaline beverage it can neutralize the acidity which successively can help to revive your all around general health and well-being. It may result in less fatigue, help towards lowering your vital sign , reduction in acid reflux and improvement in many other health issues.

Water ionizer systems have the subsequent functions:

  • Patented Constant Water Pressure System
  • Automatic variable frequency step-less alkaline water regulating system
  • Filter Cartridge from Japan could remove lead and heavy metals. Its carbon fiber could anti-bacteria to realize the water hygiene effect.
  • Use Japan original outlet hose, chrome steel material, durable and sealed.
  • High efficiency power saving circuit technology applied.
  • Display and proper the ORP value and PH level.


When the flow reached the setting volume of filter lifetime, the filter change light will flash for 48 hours then the device will stop operation and reusable until you modify the filter to supply safety water for your need.


We offer the simplest alkaline water Dubai ionizers for our customer, if you're curious about our products, please contact us now and that we are going to be glad to receive your request.

Benefits of Alkaline water:

  • Soothing acid reflux  
  • helps neutralize acid in the bloodstream, which leads to increased oxygen levels and improved energy and metabolism. 
  • Alkaline water contains antioxidant properties cleanses the colon;
  • Aanti-aging and Anti-disease.


Advanced Innovation Automatic Variable Frequency Fix Position System
Patented Constant Water Pressure System
Automatic Variable Frequency Step-less Alkaline Water Regulating System
Japan Filter Cartridge could remove lead and heavy metals.
Its carbon fiber could anti-bacteria to gain the water hygiene effect.
High level alkaline water could release the toxin of vegetables
and fruits as well as the high level acidic water could restrain the growth of bacteria.
Display and correct the ORP value and PH level.
Maintain ORP value in the range of -250 ~ -900mv to gain the best capability of anti-oxidize.
Automatic reverse flush to the electrolytic cell.
Durable lifetime Electrode and Ceramic Diaphragm which are imported from Japan.
Equipped with current over-flow and over-heat protection design and heat release system.
High efficient energy-saving circuit technology applied.


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