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Anti Hair fall Shower
Anti Hair Fall Shower Filter by Ultratec Water Treatment Company

Enhance your shower experience with Ultratec's Anti Hair Fall Shower Filter. It removes up to 99% of chlorine, dirt, lead, and other impurities, promoting softer hair and smoother skin. Easy to install and long-lasting, it's your solution for healthier showers.

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Long Description

Transform your shower into a health spa with Ultratec's Anti Hair Fall Shower Filter. This high-performance shower filter incorporates advanced magnetic wave technology, delivering a softer, more energized shower feel and improved lathering.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Filtration: Removes up to 99% of chlorine, dirt, lead, iron oxide, and hydrogen sulfide odors, while resisting bacterial growth.
  • Health Benefits: Eliminates harmful chlorine that causes skin irritation and hair problems, leading to softer hair and smoother skin. Helps prevent brittle hair, dry skin, and dandruff.
  • Scientific Insights: Chlorine evaporates in hot water, is inhaled, and absorbed through the skin, posing health risks. Our shower filter reduces these risks significantly.
  • Durable Cartridge: The included cartridge lasts for 45,000 liters, equivalent to approximately 900 showers or 450 baths.
  • Quality Components: Features NSF-approved KDF, calcium sulfite, anisotropic ferrite magnet, activated ceramic balls, carbon, and high-flow sediment filtration.
  • Easy Installation: Installs in minutes, attaching to the wall, tap, or shower head. Cartridge replacement is straightforward, with included instructions.
  • Sturdy Design: Self-sealing 1/2" threads, high-strength housing, and corrosion-resistant build.


  • Cartridge Life: 6 months or 45,000 liters
  • Maximum Temperature: 80°C
  • Dimensions: 13 cm length x 6 cm diameter
  • Ensure your shower water is free from chlorine and other harmful substances, protecting your skin and hair from damage. Enjoy the benefits of chlorine-free water and see the difference in your hair and skin health. Upgrade to the Ultratec Anti Hair Fall Shower Filter and experience the ultimate in water filtration technology. Health and beauty start with clean, pure water.


Self Sealing 1/2″ / 12.5 mm Threads
High Strength Housing
Cartridge Life: 6 months/45,000 liters
Easy Installation
Will not dent, rust, or corrode
Dimensions: 13 cm Length x 6 cm Diameter

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