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Making of Containerized Sea Water RO Plants

Making of Containerized Sea Water RO Plants
The making process of our Containerized water RO plant. Our recent project's photos with our workers and engineers. Every project is a mission for us.

As a standard feature our SWRO plants are designed with the most up-to-date and efficient energy recovery system “The Pressure Exchanger” PE, using less than 3.0 kWh/m³ or 11.4 kWh/k-gallons, which is a 60% energy reduction in comparison to a conventional SWRO plant using 7.0 to 8.0 kWh/m³ ~ 26 to 30 kWh/k-gallons.

Remote control system for off-site monitoring and adjustments: Containerized RO Plants

The RO water plants can be operated remotely and by taking advantage of this function, no daily on-site operator is required as all flows can be monitored and supervised, as well as the plant will shut-down automatically should anything fail. The flows from the well pump, the booster pump and the high-pressure pumps can be adjusted remotely by signals to the frequency converters. Water temperature, salinity and pressure in different flows can likewise be monitored and historical data is saved for printout graphs showing the plant operation at any given time.





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